Decuria Construction

At DecuriaConstruction we promote and build all the projects of Decuria Group, allowing a comprehensive service: from market research, project feasibility evaluation, post sales services.

José Centella

Vice president of

Our Value Contribution

In Decuria Group each business area plays an important role and works in harmony for projects to thrive. At DecuriaConstruction we incorporate ourselves to this process through:

The marketing

The project

The construction

The post-sale

The marketing

Each stage of the marketing process is handled with attention and detail: from the market research, the initial definition of the project, the investment planning and its respective financial research, the financial viability and its return of the investment.

The project

The basis of a good project is appropriate planning. Once we have all the information and research, we proceed with the brief of the project and the processing of the licenses and permits necessary for the execution of the project work.

The construction

We plan our project work thoroughly, prioritizing safety controls and project quality. We work on the schedule of the project work, the resources hiring, the purchase of the materials, and the continuous monitoring for the diligent control of costs and times.

Post Sales

The relationship with our clients does not end when signing the contract and delivering the key. We remain close to them, to understand their experience with the project, especially during the warranty periods.

a.Top Priority

The structure of our company allows us to effectively control each part of the project: each of its facets and stages. We take responsibility for all areas of the project, attending them fully and with special detail.