When a project is known end to end - from its conception to its development - the communication and commercialization of the project, is much more fluid. At Decuria Real Estate, we are so immersed in our projects that we are able to present them in a clear and attractive way to our target audiences.

Jennifer Denisse Croston

Legal Director
and Human Resources

Value for our buyers.

Buying an apartment is not a minor decision and the advice you receive doing so is vital to the buyer's peace of mind. That is why at Decuria Real Estate we support our customers throughout the purchase process, in an honest and transparent way, presenting the alternatives that best suits their needs.

Attention and Advice


Legal and Administrative Proceedings


Attention and Advice

Customer service, Understanding the need, banking recommendations.
When buying a property, we often face unknown processes. At Decuria Real Estate, our first challenge is to try to understand well the aspirations of the client to be able to offer the product that suits their needs.

Legal and administrative proceedings

As soon as we define the customer profile, we suggest legal and financial methods of acquiring the property, as well as document the protocol of purchase through the titling of the property.

Top Priority

Being part of an organization that understands the real estate business in all aspects allows us to give a unique commercial sense to our projects. Thanks to this holistic vision we managed to close transactions in less time, not to divert our attention and focus from our target audience.

How we work

To communicate with clients and engage with them, we go directly where they are, using language that is most comfortable to them. Therefore we manage three fundamental points of contact when we carry out the communication and marketing strategy of our projects:

Digital and Telephone

Networks, web, advertising.

International Presence

Events, agencies, collaborators, brokers.

National Presence

Events, agencies, collaborators, brokers.


At Decuria Real Estate we do not sell just projects; We sell the story, the experience, the dream of a new apartment, a new property. That is why the human factor is at the center of communication and marketing of our projects.

Project - El Palmar Residence

The Palmar Residences is more than a real estate project at the beach: is a sensory experience. It is to see the sea, to hear the sea, to feel the sea. It is three apartment towers with meticulously checked finishes and just 50 meters from the shore, making El Palmar Residences the object of desire for all who want a beach house.

Meet "El Palmar Residence"