At Decuria Management we specialize in Project Management, providing all the administrative and project management services that companies need when expanding or nationalizing their companies.

Eduardo Herrero

Project Manager/


Thanks to our experience in management and administration, we advise our clients in all phases of their projects: from the conception of the project work, through legal and administrative proceedings, to design and building, avoiding unnecessary complications and costs.

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Legal Knowledge / Processing and Administration.

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Legal Knowledge / Processing and Administration.

Having the right help when doing business in an unfamiliar place is key to the success of a project. At DecuriaManagement we specialize in advising our clients on the formalization of their companies, hiring of personnel, processing of permits and licenses, project financing and supplier management, among other procedures.



We fully understand the current regulations and construction characteristics in Panama. For this reason we can offer our clients integral and conscientious advice: from the audit process, through the review and analysis of the project, or to the complete brief drafting of the project. We also coordinate the most qualified collaborators for each project work.



When a project is executed skilfully, safely and correctly, the time and money savings are considerable. In DecuriaManagement we make this possible, through the correct advice in the assessment, hiring, coordination and supervision of specialized personnel for each project.

a.Top Priority

Controlling, supervising and rigorously and properly managing all processes related to a project ensures efficient execution. Therefore, at DecuriaManagement we take care of every stage of the project, from beginning to end, giving our clients the peace of mind of knowing that all facets of the project work are considered and taken care of.

b.The process

Each stage of a project requires special attention. That is why we accompany our clients in every step of their projects: from the location of a space, design review and legal and financial management, to the total execution of the project work and its implementation.


We live the projects of our clients; we are your ally in each of the processes. We make your objectives our own and walk towards the same objective, to achieve the expected result.

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In DecuriaManagement we can help you in different moments of your project work, or in all of them.


  • Initial product definition.
  • Investment planning.
  • Financial project research.
  • Financial feasibility assessment.
  • Return of the investment and profitability analysis.


  • Recruitment of collaborators.
  • Drafting of projects briefs.
  • Audit, review and analysis of the project.
  • Processing of licenses and possessions.
  • Proceeding with suppliers.


  • Accurate financial appraisal of the project.
  • Planning of project works.
  • Breakdown of packages for contract execution.
  • Monitoring and control of costs.
  • Monitoring and control of deadlines.
  • Validation of certifications and invoices.
  • Improvement proposals.
  • Proceedings and follow-up documentation.


  • Editing of the building book.
  • Reception of the project work.
  • Post sales management.
  • Building Start up.